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Where I have performed satisfactory pc repair services, etc., for existing customers, it will be much appreciated if you could leave appropriate feedback.

Constructive criticism is always welcome as it will enable me to better deal with both existing and new clients in the future.

Please complete the message section below with your feedback be it good or bad !!

Below you will also see feedback from other customers.

29 July 2019 Val Albin

Liliya, I am delighted with my new laptop (because that what it feels like now you have repaired it). Everything is so much more straightforward now that you have worked on it. I now have someone I can contact quickly if I have computer problems.
Really great service.

Country:  UK

12 June 2019 Christine England

Liliya is so very helpful and got my printer working again and she is always cheerful and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with their PC and Printers.  Thanks Liliya
Country:  UK

3 May 2019 Gwyn Hyett

many Thanks
DEAR Liliys Thank you so very much for your valued help
It was good to see you again,.
Country:  Huntley

19 April 2019 Tony

Thanks for your speedy help getting my printer running and cleaning up my computer on Thursday. Everything is running fine
Country:  Blakeney

16 April 2019 Pat

First, you saved my Newsletter ’19 by giving me Dropbox, and you explained to me how to use it, in words I could understand, much better than Dropbox’s  instructions.
Next, when the old laptop crashed, BIG emergency, you fitted my troubles around work already piled up for your day, diagnosed the problem and talked me through (in between driving and 2 or 3 appointments) how to bypass the wireless connection by unplugging the cable of my old Mac and plugging the laptop in with that. Impossible, I could NOT unplug it – until you told me that the cable plug has “a little thing like a telephone connector has inside it”. Eureka!
PLUS, thank you for finding me this nearly new laptop at a price I could afford. As if that weren’t enough, there was a handful of smaller (for you, but not for me) problems that had been waiting for a long time, which you fixed in less time than it took me to explain them.
Who could ask for anything more???
Thanks again, and love from
Country:  Lydney

3 February 2019 Dean Colwell

When my computer crashed and the fear hit - is all lost?: I was very lucky to find Liliya. She responded fast, kept explanations simple and found a solution within my budget. Liliya is genuine in her understanding of technology, customer-care and cost-effectiveness. Great advice on repairs and buying new; and always contactable.
It was a pleasure to meet and to learn from Liliya – I highly recommend you call her.

Thank you Liliya.
Country:  Newnham, UK

8 November 2018 Pat

The day I found you was my lucky day! You made my computer experiences at last a viable possibility. In spite of all my ineptitides and stupidities, a way out  of my tangles is possible. You've even taught me to find a few of the ways for myself.NOW I know that it's not just me and my mistakes, more often it'smy equipment that's too old or too cheap to go on behaving consistently. So, once the new ipad you're working on for me is up& running, I 'll be flying!Watch this space - & THANK you!!! - as loud as I can shout it.
Again and again, thanks.

7 October 2018 Yvonne ekless

Thank you to liliiya she sorted out our Apple Mac, now working as it should really pleased. Very friendly person thank you. Regards Yvonne/ Mark
Country:  Mitcheldean Gloucestershire

24 August 2018 Jane Murrell

Thank you, Liliya for such an excellent service . The computer has never worked so well.  Wish we'd found you earlier!
Country:  England

14 August 2018 Robert

Many thanks for sorting out my Lap Top problems.
As always a friendly, helpful, and quick service.
I would thoroughly recommend Liliya PC for all your Computer problems.
Berry Hill, Coleford.
Country:  UK

16 May 2018 David Fickling

Thank you for your call last night and for fixing my keyboard remotely

13 May 2018 patricia hill

liliya was very helpful, she went out of her way to sort my computor out would highly recommend. thankyou so much                                                          
Country:  coleford gloucestershire

31 March 2018 Michelle

Loving my 'new' pc thank you!  It is so quiet and well behaved now!  Michelle x
Country:  FOD

15 March 2018 Tymawr

Wonderful warm, prompt and efficient service with a smile
Country:  Wales

14 February 2018 Pat Jacobsen

THANK YOU!!!!!!! for so simply solving 2 BIG problems I've been carrying on my back for months, at least: First, my emails, they weren't lost, I needed to do it the easy way, I hadn't recognized (nor remembered) it when you had earlier mentioned it, in passing. This time you set it up so I walk into it with one click of the right icon, instead of the wrong one that I'd been using. And I can scroll on this page, though I couldn't, on Sunday evening, on the other one! The second problem, that I'd been shying away from for months, was that googlemail had kept saying "your account needs action NOW..." , and then after clicking TeamViewer I got to sit there and watch all the action happening as you did all I hadn't been up to doing, and I just sat and saw the lights changing and the screens flashing by, on Team Viewer. When after  a few minutes you just quietly said "Done!", I couldn't believe my ears, that such a big hindrance was over and done with and gone!! My life is getting easier, thanks to you.

2 February 2018 Pat Jacobsen

Since you revived my laptop I have had more confidence about using computers than ever before. Because you understand to the last screen-flicker how these things work, like an intuitive mechanic understands cars, AND then you tell me in plain simple English why/how it did what it did, I do feel there's some hope I might come out on top! Mysteries disappear, like fog in the sunshine! I f you make a mistake, you can look for it, and then your face lights up! It's such a relief to be able to follow what's been going on within a computer, when you tell me. Your customer-friendly charges are the icing on the cake, and your hourly rate is very generous when you think about things like callouts and help always being on the end of a phone, email or team viewing. The 2 friends I've already told about you agree with me! I would happily recommend you to anyone.
Many, many thanks!
Country:  Forest of Dean

13 July 2016 kaz

Hi Liliya
thanks for coming over to sort out my rather sick computer today.  I am getting used to the 'new' outlook page layout which certainly concentrates the mind and is easier to follow.
best wishes
Country:  uk

22 January 2016 peter bristow

another job well done. As always a promp and excellent service. I wouldn't use any one else to workon my computer. Thank you.
Country:  U-K

2 September 2015 peter bristow

As usual lilliya was brilliant solving my computer problem. She came out at short notice on the sunday. nothing is too much trouble for her . Thank you.
Country:  england

28 July 2015 Kazia

Hi Liliya

Just a few lines to say how much I am enjoying the new machine..  Still finding my way as to where to go to a new email and lots of other things I keep finding.  

Many thanks
Country:  Ross-on-Wye

21 June 2015 Derek

Once again many thanks Liliya for helping me out to get my laptop up and running. I was recommended by 2 friends to contact you and I am so glad that I did. I would like to recommend Liliya..and if you are still making your mind up to use this service..don't wait just give a call

10 June 2015 Keith Fenton

Wonderful service - nothing more to say!
Country:  Forest of Dean Uk

8 March 2015 bristow

The service I received was 2nd to none. The results were excellent and nothing was left undone. Also nothing was to much trouble for liliya. I would recommend her help to anyone. Thank you
Country:  england

30 September 2014 Robert

Many thanks for sorting out the problems on my rather unwell Laptop at the end of August. Now working like a new machine again. The service Liliya provided was quick and at a very reasonable cost. I would have posted this earlier but only just have a broadband connection after it failed a month ago. Best wishes Robert. ( Berry Hill Coleford F.O.D )
Country:  UK

7 September 2014 cate

Thanks so much for sorting my computer needs out! From my point of view it was completed in a pain free way!! Hope the same went for you.  Thanks for all the trouble you went to.   I am very pleased with my new toy.  It is very reassuring to know that you are at the end of a phone, or email message.  Hope to see you again soon.
Thanks again. xxxx
Country:  FOD

7 September 2014 cate

Thank you for the time spent following my purchase of a laptop and the cleaning etc of my old one.  You did not hurry me and took the trouble to make sure I understood everything.  Many thanks for the trouble you took.  
Country:  uk

18 August 2014 18 august 2014 frank griffiths

Hi liliya . thank you so much for your help with my are a dimond.its working very well now.i will keep your card safe just in case.
frank Griffiths from coleford
Country:  gloucestershire

18 August 2014 frank griffiths

Well were do I start.I bought a new ex demo computer of ebay.i it came with no instructions and I am next hopless.however I see this advert in our review our local paper.i phoned liliya our fairy godmother and she came to my home and to help me.the rest is history.thank you so much.we tried the rest and found the best.thank you so much.from {Frank Griffiths from milkwall.coleford}
Country:  U-K

18 August 2014 FRANK GRIFFITHS

Well were do I start.I bought a new ex demo computer of ebay.i it came with no instructions and I am next hopless.however I see this advert in our review our local paper.i phoned liliya our fairy godmother and she came to my home and to help me.the rest is history.thank you so much.we tried the rest and found the best.thank you so much.from Frank Griffiths {from milkwall.coleford}
Country:  U-K

30 April 2014 Robert |Trimble

Assignment done and dusted and submitted on time. I wish to offer you my sincere gratitude for without your help and assistance I don’t think I could have accomplished it.
Again many thanks

31 March 2014 Ruby

Thank you Liliya for your help in sorting out my laptop problems, and for the excellent back-up service.  Everything works well now.  Really appreciated your help.
Country:  Lydney, UK

12 March 2014 Rita Tomkins

Thank you so much for fixing my laptop and printer, and getting me up and running again - you are amazing and explain everything clearly.  will recommend you to anyone I know having problems or thinking of getting a computer.

Kind regards.

Rita xx
Country:  Mitcheldean

7 January 2014 Frank Treasure

Thank you for all your hard work. I effectively have a new computer! Thank you also for your patience and time spent explaining things to me, and the conversations about Eastern Europe etc were good fun too!
Country:  Westbury on Severn

8 November 2013 Rose & Terry

Thank you Liliya for solving our Laptop problems, it is working faster now than when we had it new. Fabulous service & back up & a very pleasant lady to do business with. Many Thanks Liliya.
Country:  Brierley

17 October 2013 Keith Fenton

Thanks Lilia software problem sorted and the bill was a lot less than expected
Country:  Forest of Dean Uk

10 September 2013 David F

Liliya examined my clapped out computer and recommended a new one with Windows7. The new computer was installed in three and a half days -and this included the August bank holiday. Lovely job. Many thanks.
Country:  Brockweir

4 September 2013 Keith Fenton

Liliya Thanks for the PC repairs, you removed the virus's affecting the desktop and installed an anti virus programme that will do as it claims.
Many thanks for the quick efficient service!
Country:  FOD UK

16 June 2013 Muriel Adderley

Hello Liliya

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your service with our computer, all seems to be working well now. You were so helpful to us showing us about the photos and saving to the external hard drive that I wanted to say a big thank you to you for that.

We have kept your card and number very safely! Thank you so much

Best wishes from Muriel (Adderley)
Country:  Coleford

7 June 2013 Jacqueline Willbourne

Thanks to Lilya the computer works again after catching a nasty virus, she came promptly to pick it up and brought it back the next day all better and running smoother than before.  
What a lovely Lady!
Country:  UK

19 May 2013 Simon Wheeler-Jones

Many thanks for your help. Simon
Country:  Mitcheldean

10 November 2012 Roy

Many many thanks for the hard work, dedication to detail, which has resulted in a very tidy, easy to use computer.
The Internet is easy to browse (and quick) and the Emails are an absolute delight to open, write, save etc.
You are a wizard (or is that a wizardess?)

Thanks again Liliya I am delighted with your work.

Sincerely Roy
Country:  Coleford

7 August 2012 Jenny Thomas

A big THANK YOU for all your work in getting everything running, especially your patience with e-mails and printer !

Kind regards from us both.

Jenny and Martin

17 November 2011 Lynne

Let's face it, computers can be boring and so can computer people.  But Liliya is definitely not one of those people and furthermore, she knows what she's about and her fees are very reasonable.  She solved my laptop meltdown and also increased the hard drive capacity and memory so that my very old laptop is now frolicking around and will last a good many years yet.  Thanks Liliya
Country:  Wales

7 July 2011 diana powell

thanks lilliya you done a very good job on my laptop and i'm very happy with the service you gave me -thanks very much------good luck diana
Country:  uk

30 March 2011 susan williams

Top class service from a very professional lady! Would highly recommend anyone with pc problems to contact Lilya. Nothing was too much trouble, and my pc problems were sorted out promptly. Thank you soooooo much!
Country:  england

16 January 2011 Jack Paget

Liliya fixed my messed up computer,  installed new safety software as well as more memory in one day. She will get any more work from my machines as and when they develop faults--she really does know what she is doing.
Country:  Cinderford.

17 April 2010 Jenny Charles

Liliya came straight away when my very tired old PC caught a virus. I also had the flu and told liliya not to come to the house until I was better as I didn't want to pass it on to her but she insisted, picked up my PC and within 2 hrs had diagnosed the problem. I decided to have a new one built and within 48 hours I received my brand new PC which works like heaven. Liliya also gave me some Russian folklore tips for my flu which I did and I felt a lot better. So Liliya thank you so much for everything!
Country:  Forest of Dean, England

1 January 2010 Izi Marriott

I had problems with my Notebook , I am so not computer literate and being the christmas/New Year Period , rang several people with no joy , but then I saw Liliya's ad , I called and she was with me , and note book repaired within 24hrs ! Thats what I call service ~ I'm looking forward to treating myself to a new Lap top becauseLiliya understands my requirements and needs is going to build one to suite me  ~ Yeah ~ Big Thank you Lilya , cannot reccoment enough . Izi
Country:  Mitcheldean, Gloucs

15 December 2009 Anne

What a wonderful person Lilya is.  Not only does she fix computers she is so interesting to talk to.  I can certainly recommend her as a problem solver as she helped both myself and my husband out of a big computer black hole!  Great to kow you Lilya and thanks.
Country:  UK

11 December 2009 Jonathon H Mills

Take Notice!
I am an international timber merchant and can echo some of the other experiences I have read on here. I recently returned from a business trip in Russia, where I have been living and travelling for 18 years, to administer meetings in London with UK and Russian business colleagues, and what did I get from the Holiday Inn Hotel, in Ilford, a Virus which killed my laptop stone dead, my life was in turmoil!
Not really knowing which way to turn next I noticed Lilyas advertisement in the local paper, the Forest Review, and seeing that she lived only in Newnham, I thought well nearest and dearest, I can at least find out what she can do.
Well to my surprise this lady is from the South of Russia and obviously speaks Russian, which I was pleasantly surprised about, and lo and behold she said bring your laptop to me and I will fix it, which she did over a weekend, put new programmes, recovered the majority of my files etc, the rest of which I was able to get from my wifes computer in Russia, Job Done!!
Publicly, Many Thanks Lilya and may you have long and deserved success in your efforts to bring safety and protection to the world of vulnerable computer users, around the world.
Country:  Cinderford, UK

6 December 2009 Phillip

Our desktop computer failed and we could not retrieve the information from the  hard drive. We searched through our local papers  and found Liliya's ad.

We telephoned the freephone number and Liliya returned our call swiftly.  She called and collected the hard drive, managed to retrieve the info and put onto an external drive. Gave reliable advice on what to do next.

I have no hesitation in recommending LiliyaPC, if you have any problems she is extremely knowledgeable and her recommendations are invaluable.

10 November 2009 Colin

I had a computer repair and an upgrade at the same time. Liliya carried out the work in a couple of days and returning with the computer explained the work done and gave me a little tutorial on the upgrade.
I'm very pleased with the work carried out and would recommend her.
Country:  UK

8 November 2009 Jerome

Liliya did a great job with my computer after a severe virus got into it which caused it to feeze and stop working after a few minutes and recovered 98% of files and upgraded it to my requirements.  I would advise anyone who thinks it a good idea to use a different speacialist to think twice because after i used someone else to try to sort the problem they did not resolve it in 8 hours because they did not have the experience or expertise that liliya has and relied on basic free anti virus software which they claimed was the holy grail of virus problem solvers and was useless, and everything they tried was basic guesswork which solved nothing.  Liliya gets to the heart of the problem and can alter or change the hardware if it is needed because she knows exactly what she is doing.
Country:  UK

11 August 2009 Kristina

Best computer service ever! i love Lilliya =)
Country:  Los Angeles

24 July 2009 Ruth Atkinson

I have no hesitation in recommending, Liliya to people with computer problems or questions, she is very prompt, and work her is excellent, second to none. Thank you.
Country:  England

16 July 2009 Tim Holder - Cinderford

Fiendly expertise - service with a smile. Highly recommended!
Country:  England

14 July 2009 Tim - Cinderford

Service with a smile.
Highly recommended to sort out PC problems and provide helpful advice
Country:  England

31 May 2009 annmarie

After my pc broke down i managed to fin liliyas number in the paper after finding the problum which was basicly never buy a zoostorm she custom made a new pc to our family standards.  I would highly recomend liliya to everybody and wish her well in the future.
Country:  lydney

22 May 2009 Yvonne

Some time ago now I was in need of repair to my laptop, searching through our local papers I was becoming quite frustrated at the seemingly lack of PC technicians!
     Eventually I found Liliya's add.

To my great surprise she turned up the very same day. I was extremely impressed with Liliya's ability and attitude, so my laptop was fixed very swiftly.

Since then i've called on Liliya several times and  always find her to be extremely generous with her time and assiatance.

I have no hesitation in recommending LiliyaPC, and I am so very delighted for Liliya and her success since I first contacted her.  
Country:  Littledean, Gloucester, UK


I would have no worries in recommending Liliya to anyone to fix their computer or to give advice on what to purchase. I have found her to be very helpful & work to very short time scales. On the occasions when I have had work done on my Laptop she has always had it ready when said & sometimes in a short time.

16 May 2009 peter booth

Hi my name is Peter from Australia, l did not have virus protection on our computer and it had a lot of viruses, l am not very good with computers and l did not know what to do so my wife contacted Liliya from England and told her of the problems we were having with the computer, so Liliya fixed all the problems with the computer through remote assistance and put  anti virus protection as well, l was amazed at her experience at doing this, so i highly recommend Liliya for other customers to fix there computers, we also ask liliya with information we need to know about with things we are not sure about and she is very helpfull and honest person.  Good work Liliya from Peter and Valentina.

13 May 2009 Andrew

Very nice support. Thank you

12 May 2009 Adrian

I own and manage a local pub with accommodation and restaurant in The Forest of Dean.

To improve the accommodation facilities I decided to have installed a wifi system in all letting rooms which would enable occupants to have direct access to the internet.

Liliya visited the premises and provided a cost estimate which seemed reasonable and she was appointed to carry out the work

I have nothing but praise for the way Liliya undertook the work which was completed on time and within budget estimate.

Her after care is exemplary and nothing is too much trouble.

Liliya also satisfactorily upgraded my desk top computer system which is essential for the business.

I would recommend her services to all computer users both in the private and small business sectors.

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