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Where I have performed satisfactory pc repair services, etc., for existing customers, it will be much appreciated if you could leave appropriate feedback.

Constructive criticism is always welcome as it will enable me to better deal with both existing and new clients in the future.

Please complete the message section below with your feedback be it good or bad !!

Below you will also see feedback from other customers.

17 April 2010 Jenny Charles

Liliya came straight away when my very tired old PC caught a virus. I also had the flu and told liliya not to come to the house until I was better as I didn't want to pass it on to her but she insisted, picked up my PC and within 2 hrs had diagnosed the problem. I decided to have a new one built and within 48 hours I received my brand new PC which works like heaven. Liliya also gave me some Russian folklore tips for my flu which I did and I felt a lot better. So Liliya thank you so much for everything!
Country:  Forest of Dean, England

1 January 2010 Izi Marriott

I had problems with my Notebook , I am so not computer literate and being the christmas/New Year Period , rang several people with no joy , but then I saw Liliya's ad , I called and she was with me , and note book repaired within 24hrs ! Thats what I call service ~ I'm looking forward to treating myself to a new Lap top becauseLiliya understands my requirements and needs is going to build one to suite me  ~ Yeah ~ Big Thank you Lilya , cannot reccoment enough . Izi
Country:  Mitcheldean, Gloucs

15 December 2009 Anne

What a wonderful person Lilya is.  Not only does she fix computers she is so interesting to talk to.  I can certainly recommend her as a problem solver as she helped both myself and my husband out of a big computer black hole!  Great to kow you Lilya and thanks.
Country:  UK

11 December 2009 Jonathon H Mills

Take Notice!
I am an international timber merchant and can echo some of the other experiences I have read on here. I recently returned from a business trip in Russia, where I have been living and travelling for 18 years, to administer meetings in London with UK and Russian business colleagues, and what did I get from the Holiday Inn Hotel, in Ilford, a Virus which killed my laptop stone dead, my life was in turmoil!
Not really knowing which way to turn next I noticed Lilyas advertisement in the local paper, the Forest Review, and seeing that she lived only in Newnham, I thought well nearest and dearest, I can at least find out what she can do.
Well to my surprise this lady is from the South of Russia and obviously speaks Russian, which I was pleasantly surprised about, and lo and behold she said bring your laptop to me and I will fix it, which she did over a weekend, put new programmes, recovered the majority of my files etc, the rest of which I was able to get from my wifes computer in Russia, Job Done!!
Publicly, Many Thanks Lilya and may you have long and deserved success in your efforts to bring safety and protection to the world of vulnerable computer users, around the world.
Country:  Cinderford, UK

6 December 2009 Phillip

Our desktop computer failed and we could not retrieve the information from the  hard drive. We searched through our local papers  and found Liliya's ad.

We telephoned the freephone number and Liliya returned our call swiftly.  She called and collected the hard drive, managed to retrieve the info and put onto an external drive. Gave reliable advice on what to do next.

I have no hesitation in recommending LiliyaPC, if you have any problems she is extremely knowledgeable and her recommendations are invaluable.

10 November 2009 Colin

I had a computer repair and an upgrade at the same time. Liliya carried out the work in a couple of days and returning with the computer explained the work done and gave me a little tutorial on the upgrade.
I'm very pleased with the work carried out and would recommend her.
Country:  UK

8 November 2009 Jerome

Liliya did a great job with my computer after a severe virus got into it which caused it to feeze and stop working after a few minutes and recovered 98% of files and upgraded it to my requirements.  I would advise anyone who thinks it a good idea to use a different speacialist to think twice because after i used someone else to try to sort the problem they did not resolve it in 8 hours because they did not have the experience or expertise that liliya has and relied on basic free anti virus software which they claimed was the holy grail of virus problem solvers and was useless, and everything they tried was basic guesswork which solved nothing.  Liliya gets to the heart of the problem and can alter or change the hardware if it is needed because she knows exactly what she is doing.
Country:  UK

11 August 2009 Kristina

Best computer service ever! i love Lilliya =)
Country:  Los Angeles

24 July 2009 Ruth Atkinson

I have no hesitation in recommending, Liliya to people with computer problems or questions, she is very prompt, and work her is excellent, second to none. Thank you.
Country:  England

16 July 2009 Tim Holder - Cinderford

Fiendly expertise - service with a smile. Highly recommended!
Country:  England

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