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Where I have performed satisfactory pc repair services, etc., for existing customers, it will be much appreciated if you could leave appropriate feedback.

Constructive criticism is always welcome as it will enable me to better deal with both existing and new clients in the future.

Please complete the message section below with your feedback be it good or bad !!

Below you will also see feedback from other customers.

16 May 2018 David Fickling

Thank you for your call last night and for fixing my keyboard remotely

13 May 2018 patricia hill

liliya was very helpful, she went out of her way to sort my computor out would highly recommend. thankyou so much                                                          
Country:  coleford gloucestershire

31 March 2018 Michelle

Loving my 'new' pc thank you!  It is so quiet and well behaved now!  Michelle x
Country:  FOD

15 March 2018 Tymawr

Wonderful warm, prompt and efficient service with a smile
Country:  Wales

14 February 2018 Pat Jacobsen

THANK YOU!!!!!!! for so simply solving 2 BIG problems I've been carrying on my back for months, at least: First, my emails, they weren't lost, I needed to do it the easy way, I hadn't recognized (nor remembered) it when you had earlier mentioned it, in passing. This time you set it up so I walk into it with one click of the right icon, instead of the wrong one that I'd been using. And I can scroll on this page, though I couldn't, on Sunday evening, on the other one! The second problem, that I'd been shying away from for months, was that googlemail had kept saying "your account needs action NOW..." , and then after clicking TeamViewer I got to sit there and watch all the action happening as you did all I hadn't been up to doing, and I just sat and saw the lights changing and the screens flashing by, on Team Viewer. When after  a few minutes you just quietly said "Done!", I couldn't believe my ears, that such a big hindrance was over and done with and gone!! My life is getting easier, thanks to you.

2 February 2018 Pat Jacobsen

Since you revived my laptop I have had more confidence about using computers than ever before. Because you understand to the last screen-flicker how these things work, like an intuitive mechanic understands cars, AND then you tell me in plain simple English why/how it did what it did, I do feel there's some hope I might come out on top! Mysteries disappear, like fog in the sunshine! I f you make a mistake, you can look for it, and then your face lights up! It's such a relief to be able to follow what's been going on within a computer, when you tell me. Your customer-friendly charges are the icing on the cake, and your hourly rate is very generous when you think about things like callouts and help always being on the end of a phone, email or team viewing. The 2 friends I've already told about you agree with me! I would happily recommend you to anyone.
Many, many thanks!
Country:  Forest of Dean

13 July 2016 kaz

Hi Liliya
thanks for coming over to sort out my rather sick computer today.  I am getting used to the 'new' outlook page layout which certainly concentrates the mind and is easier to follow.
best wishes
Country:  uk

22 January 2016 peter bristow

another job well done. As always a promp and excellent service. I wouldn't use any one else to workon my computer. Thank you.
Country:  U-K

2 September 2015 peter bristow

As usual lilliya was brilliant solving my computer problem. She came out at short notice on the sunday. nothing is too much trouble for her . Thank you.
Country:  england

28 July 2015 Kazia

Hi Liliya

Just a few lines to say how much I am enjoying the new machine..  Still finding my way as to where to go to a new email and lots of other things I keep finding.  

Many thanks
Country:  Ross-on-Wye

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