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Where I have performed satisfactory pc repair services, etc., for existing customers, it will be much appreciated if you could leave appropriate feedback.

Constructive criticism is always welcome as it will enable me to better deal with both existing and new clients in the future.

Please complete the message section below with your feedback be it good or bad !!

Below you will also see feedback from other customers.

29 July 2019 Val Albin

Liliya, I am delighted with my new laptop (because that what it feels like now you have repaired it). Everything is so much more straightforward now that you have worked on it. I now have someone I can contact quickly if I have computer problems.
Really great service.

Country:  UK

12 June 2019 Christine England

Liliya is so very helpful and got my printer working again and she is always cheerful and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with their PC and Printers.  Thanks Liliya
Country:  UK

3 May 2019 Gwyn Hyett

many Thanks
DEAR Liliys Thank you so very much for your valued help
It was good to see you again,.
Country:  Huntley

19 April 2019 Tony

Thanks for your speedy help getting my printer running and cleaning up my computer on Thursday. Everything is running fine
Country:  Blakeney

16 April 2019 Pat

First, you saved my Newsletter ’19 by giving me Dropbox, and you explained to me how to use it, in words I could understand, much better than Dropbox’s  instructions.
Next, when the old laptop crashed, BIG emergency, you fitted my troubles around work already piled up for your day, diagnosed the problem and talked me through (in between driving and 2 or 3 appointments) how to bypass the wireless connection by unplugging the cable of my old Mac and plugging the laptop in with that. Impossible, I could NOT unplug it – until you told me that the cable plug has “a little thing like a telephone connector has inside it”. Eureka!
PLUS, thank you for finding me this nearly new laptop at a price I could afford. As if that weren’t enough, there was a handful of smaller (for you, but not for me) problems that had been waiting for a long time, which you fixed in less time than it took me to explain them.
Who could ask for anything more???
Thanks again, and love from
Country:  Lydney

3 February 2019 Dean Colwell

When my computer crashed and the fear hit - is all lost?: I was very lucky to find Liliya. She responded fast, kept explanations simple and found a solution within my budget. Liliya is genuine in her understanding of technology, customer-care and cost-effectiveness. Great advice on repairs and buying new; and always contactable.
It was a pleasure to meet and to learn from Liliya – I highly recommend you call her.

Thank you Liliya.
Country:  Newnham, UK

8 November 2018 Pat

The day I found you was my lucky day! You made my computer experiences at last a viable possibility. In spite of all my ineptitides and stupidities, a way out  of my tangles is possible. You've even taught me to find a few of the ways for myself.NOW I know that it's not just me and my mistakes, more often it'smy equipment that's too old or too cheap to go on behaving consistently. So, once the new ipad you're working on for me is up& running, I 'll be flying!Watch this space - & THANK you!!! - as loud as I can shout it.
Again and again, thanks.

7 October 2018 Yvonne ekless

Thank you to liliiya she sorted out our Apple Mac, now working as it should really pleased. Very friendly person thank you. Regards Yvonne/ Mark
Country:  Mitcheldean Gloucestershire

24 August 2018 Jane Murrell

Thank you, Liliya for such an excellent service . The computer has never worked so well.  Wish we'd found you earlier!
Country:  England

14 August 2018 Robert

Many thanks for sorting out my Lap Top problems.
As always a friendly, helpful, and quick service.
I would thoroughly recommend Liliya PC for all your Computer problems.
Berry Hill, Coleford.
Country:  UK

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