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I am able to undertake broadband connections to the World Wide Web (WWW) via the telephone provider you are using be it a land line or mobile.

For land line users I recommend the use of BT Broadband as experience has proved to me that they generally provide the best connection speeds and technical support.

I can install your broadband connection if you have the service providers’ equipment available and your land line (for example) is broadband activated

Alternatively, if you do not have broadband activated or wish to change your services provider, I can undertake this work on your behalf.

Generally one hub installed from your land line can provide broadband to the whole household and to more than one computer. Occasionally however the age and type of construction of your house can interfere with one hub being sufficient to supply broadband to every part of the house. Such a problem can be overcome relatively easily by installing a small networking system. This installation method is especially useful where there many rooms in a house or for example in a small business situation such as an hotel or guesthouse where broadband internet connection can be provided to letting rooms, etc.

Pease contact me in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

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landline: 01594510163
mobile : 07799607899