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Repairs to computers can be many and varied and only a physical diagnosis can assist to identify problems on any one pc.

Allow me to resolve your computer glitches, technical problems and software frustrations which will remove the worry and hassle of such problems and avoid the frustration of expensive disruptions.  I will diagnose your problems and explain in a clear, understandable way what is wrong and resolve it as quickly as possible.

As there is no Call Out Fee for my services, you only pay for any repairs made and/or any software I install. There are no hidden extras as I believe in value for money and think you should only pay for the actual work undertaken.

There are so many composite parts in a pc ranging from hard drives, mother boards, power supplies, cpu’s, etc., etc. Possible that it could be a combination of these parts being defective that creates pc problems.


Dust – It is important to stress the necessity to have your pc (particularly a tower/desktop pc) physically cleaned at least once a year

Computers are complex pieces of equipment and need maintenance to keep them running.

Dust generated from the outside can block vents, preventing airflow to the inside of the machine.

 Dust (including pets hairs, etc) that gets into the inside of computers is

normally worse than the dust on the outside.


Problems such as overheating can have serious implications on system

 performance and can cause processors and motherboards to fail. These can

 be costly to replace with the added problem of possibly losing data and files

you have not backed up.

 Your car gets serviced at least once a year and costs more than a computer

 service so it makes sense to have your computer serviced as well?

Complete Support is provided because as well as PC repairs, I can also provide remote monitoring, internet and networking support.

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